did miley and nick ever get physical?

Sex? Doubt it.

Also I heard that the smoking pics u originally posted were from a flicker account called Queefs Rares, and that you have been answering questions for years under different account names.

I don’t have the time though lmao

miley cyrus is so fucking perff

Not really lol

thats not a rare


That can't be a new rare that U had because that pic was taking recently so u couldn't have had it in ur possession, or got it personally from her.

Or got it a few hours after she took it?

do you reckon it's true about her and nick jonas? back together?

Lol really?

your tagged picture from last night is being used on anythingdiz. did you know that? lol

I never check anythingdisney so I don’t know lmao link me?

have you ever found any rares on pheed? I've tried to find some through various people but have had no luck :(

I don’t like pheed so I don’t know, sorry!

new rares please <33